The Keleny Story

KelenyWe are a family owned business through and through. Keleny Top Soil was established in 1934 by proud owners John and Kathryn Keleny. As the Madison area was being developed, they saw a need for conserving the area’s top soil and the opportunity to share it with homeowners, gardeners and others who needed healthy, nutrient rich soils.

When John and Kathryn started, they would get up early in the morning when the temperature was cooler and hand shovel the top soil onto the truck and deliver it where it was needed. As the business grew, bigger equipment was needed and the Keleny’s increased their ability to deliver to more customers with additional and better equipment through the years. Their son Jack worked side by side with his parents and eventually took over the company and successfully expanded the business for many years until his retirement. He accomplished this by delivering the same quality products to the customers of Dane County and beyond, just like his parents did.

Keleny Top Soil still follows the forward thinking that John and Kathryn had.

Keleny Top Soil is proud to say that it is still family owned and operated by Jim Keleny, the grandson of the founders.

As you’d expect with a family business, Jim Keleny and Chuck Keleny are highly involved in the daily operations, even answering customer phone calls. When you call Keleny Top Soil, your call will be answered by a member of the Keleny family, just as it has been since 1934.

For three generations we have been helping you figure out what products will work best for your application. We take great pride in being able to serve you, the home owner, or you, the business owner.


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