Salt and Your Garden in Winter

With the recent snowfall, there’s plenty of folks spreading salt onto their walkways and driveways to ensure the ice doesn’t cause them to slip. But, if your garden is near any of these areas that are getting splashed with salt, be very careful. Salt can end up harming your plants and vegetation later on.


Gardening Indoors In Winter

Don’t let the cold and snow and short days get you down and make you pine for your days outside gardening. You can do some indoor gardening now and grow some vegetables with the right gear that will help calm your green thumb and get you ready for the Spring and Summer!

Lawn Care in Fall

Sure, it’s getting cooler at night and stays through the morning. And people are ordering their pumpkin spice lattes and wrapping themselves in blankets, thinking of the colder weather and snow approaching. But, we still have time before the first snow and frost and your lawn shouldn’t be ignored as the leaves fall. We still …

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