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Gardening Myths Debunked

There are plenty of gardening myths out there that millions of people still believe even though they have been debunked over the year. Here are five of the most popular myths to STOP believing.

Your Garden Soil and Spring Preps

We hit 70 degrees in February and most of us in Wisconsin started acting like confused bears coming out of hibernation too soon. Usually, we aren’t seeing these temperatures until May with any consistency. Sure, you’ll get a good weekend here and there in March and April. But, we have seen snow on Mother’s Day,… Read more »

Salt and Your Garden in Winter

With the recent snowfall, there’s plenty of folks spreading salt onto their walkways and driveways to ensure the ice doesn’t cause them to slip. But, if your garden is near any of these areas that are getting splashed with salt, be very careful. Salt can end up harming your plants and vegetation later on.

Gardening Indoors In Winter


Don’t let the cold and snow and short days get you down and make you pine for your days outside gardening. You can do some indoor gardening now and grow some vegetables with the right gear that will help calm your green thumb and get you ready for the Spring and Summer!

Gifts for Gardeners

If you are a Green Thumb or have one in your life, now is a good time to look for gardening supplies. Not only would they make great presents for the holiday season and for under the Christmas Tree, since its off season, some of the prices are much lower than they will be come… Read more »

Leaves for Compost, For a Better Garden

Autumn is one of the more beautiful times of year; the colors, the weather and the fall festivals can make for a lovely prep for the harsh winter ahead. But, there’s something that many homeowners hate about the Fall Season: the leaves. It’s an added chore to collect them prior to mowing (You are doing… Read more »

Prepare a Groundbreaking Garden

Garden fever has hit, the shovels are out, the ground is breaking under the tines of the tiller, and soil is flying. Gardening season is one of the most beautiful and exciting times of the year, but how do you plant a garden that gives you bountiful harvest? One of the biggest mistakes is using… Read more »