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Gardening Indoors In Winter


Don’t let the cold and snow and short days get you down and make you pine for your days outside gardening. You can do some indoor gardening now and grow some vegetables with the right gear that will help calm your green thumb and get you ready for the Spring and Summer!

Gifts for Gardeners

If you are a Green Thumb or have one in your life, now is a good time to look for gardening supplies. Not only would they make great presents for the holiday season and for under the Christmas Tree, since its off season, some of the prices are much lower than they will be come… Read more »

Leaves for Compost, For a Better Garden

Autumn is one of the more beautiful times of year; the colors, the weather and the fall festivals can make for a lovely prep for the harsh winter ahead. But, there’s something that many homeowners hate about the Fall Season: the leaves. It’s an added chore to collect them prior to mowing (You are doing… Read more »

Prepare a Groundbreaking Garden

Garden fever has hit, the shovels are out, the ground is breaking under the tines of the tiller, and soil is flying. Gardening season is one of the most beautiful and exciting times of the year, but how do you plant a garden that gives you bountiful harvest? One of the biggest mistakes is using… Read more »

Love Your Garden, It Will Love Back!

Finally, it’s starting to warm up! The birds are chirping and soon the bees will be buzzing as spring takes hold. The kids are rushing for the yard and asking for some air in their bike tires. After a long winter it almost feels like you’re being reborn along with all the flowers and plants…. Read more »

How Do Worms Survive the Winter?

Worms help make healthy soil, so what happens to them in the winter? Their survival tactics are actually astounding! Before the soil freezes, earthworms burrow down into the subsoil, below the frost line, sometimes as much as 6ft deep. They form a slime-coated ball and hibernate in a state called estivation. Because they are wrapped… Read more »

Garden Planning in Winter

If you love working in the dirt like we do then the winter can drive you a bit stir crazy. However, there is excitement in anticipation of the spring that is to come. So what things can you do to keep busy this winter in preparation for spring? Brush up on your gardening knowledge