Ensuring Your Vegetable Garden is Organic


When it comes to having your own organic vegetable garden, we are talking about keeping what you grow free of synthetic chemicals and pesticides. It’s really not that difficult and only involves some basic steps. The rest are what you would do normally while gardening.

Organic Gardening Requires Organic Garden Soil and Mulch

Healthy soil is the start of any great garden and it’s OUR specialty! What matters in the soil is the “organic matter” – manure, peat moss, compost, etc. Compost is actually the BEST in terms of microorganisms feeding the new plants. You can create your own or buy compost like Certified Organic “Purple Cow” (which we carry!) that is already composed of all the nutrients you need. Also, since the soil you are using will be “rich” and have the proper nutrients, you COULD skip fertilizing.

You will also want to be prepared with mulch. Mulch will help you with weed reduction and should be put onto the soil when you plant to keep weeds from germinating. Mulch will also help keep fungus away from the plants, and since you aren’t going to be using pesticides, you need to be mindful of fungus and weeds.

Raise Your Organic Garden and Rotate Crops

Raising your plot isn’t necessary for an organic garden, but it sure can help your back! What’s most important is crop rotation. The reason is simple: disease. If tomatoes or peppers were diseased the year before, and you plant them again in the same spot, more than likely, you’ll see the disease again unless you have cleared out all soil in your garden. This isn’t necessary, though. If you move the crops, you don’t deplete nutrients and limit disease.

Organic Seeds or Organically-Grown Plants

You will need to get organic seeds or already started plants that are organic. Unfortunately, seeds from plants that aren’t organic were grown with pesticides and chemical fertilizers. It’s not difficult to find organically grown seeds or plants as starters.

For the most part, what you are growing is organic if you use organic seeds, organic soil and don’t use pesticides or chemical fertilizers. But, you need to be vigilant about it and you need to start with the soil!

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