The Best Flowers to Plant This Fall

An end to summer doesn’t mean an end to beautiful blooming flowers in your garden or home! It is almost time to change out your summer blooms for flowers that will survive in the cool and crisp fall season. There are many fall-blooming flowers to brighten up your autumn landscape that include annuals, perennials, and shrubs! Don’t miss out on beautiful blooms when the temperature cools down!

  • Annuals, Perrenials and Shrubs that survive the fall temperatures:
    • Nasturtiums – thrive best in cooler climates, perfect for the fall.
    • Zinnias – a year-round plant that is great for both the warmer and cooler months.
    • Calendula – quick growing, beautiful yellow color.
    • Marigolds – bold colors perfect for your fall landscape.
    • Rudbeckias – provides beautiful autumn colors for the fall.
    • Pansy – provide beautiful color. They will come back and bloom again in the spring.
    • Purple Fountain Grass – the ideal accent for the fall time.
    • Celosia – easy to care for. Provides beautiful fall colors.
    • Croton – the perfect an autumn houseplant.
    • Aster – king of fall gardens.
    • Winterberries – a type of holly that will remind you winter is coming.
    • Japanese Maple – thrive in the fall.

Flower Colors are More Intense in the Fall

In the fall, your garden becomes less demanding and needs less maintenance, but flower colors become more intense. That is the beauty of fall! Plants will not need as much water in the fall as they did on hot summer days. Weeds slow down as the days grow shorter. Cool-season annual and perennial flowers flourish in these cool weather conditions. They bloom beautifully and vigorously, with their vibrantly colored flowers lasting a long time!

Enjoy beautiful, colorful blooms outside of the spring and summer! There are numerous types of flowers and plants that do well in the cooler months of fall. Fall is a great time for planting because the soil is still warm and moist. Many garden centers offer deep discounts on perennials, trees and shrubs at this time of year as well! Get quality topsoil here at Keleny Top Soil to ensure your fall flowers thrive!

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