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Pushing Plastic out of your Garden

As gardeners (new or seasoned) we feel proud of the fact that we are contributing to nature with our gardens and landscapes. Something we might not be so proud of though is the amount of plastic that can be used while taking care of your garden. From plastic pots and tools to labels and disposable… Read more »

Less Water, More Mulch

Mulch is nothing short of amazing. It stifles weed growth, prevents erosion and compaction, and slows down evaporation. You can potentially cut water usage by fifty percent! There are plenty of different kinds to pick from and we can help you make the right choice. So what are the best kinds of mulch? That can… Read more »

It may be time to put a dress on your lawn.

A healthy lawn requires a rich soil base. This can easily be achieved when a lawn is first planted or reseeded but an already established yard requires different care. That’s where the technique of “top-dressing” comes in. It’s the addition of a thin layer of soil over the lawn. This method can improve soil without… Read more »