We are often asked about when mulch should be used or even why mulch should be used.

We’ll usually have a few questions in return to make sure you get the best mulch for the job, but here are some of the most common benefits:

  • Conserve moisture
  • Improve the fertility and health of the soil
  • Reduces weed growth
  • Enhance the visual appeal of your landscaping
  • Can protect plant roots from the winter cold and prevents frost heaving

Mulch can also simplify your gardening chores!

Who doesn’t love hearing that? Bark, wood chips, and compost are what we commonly think of when it comes to mulch but stone and gravel can also be used. If you’re a devoted gardener or a casual one, with the use of mulch you’ll have less weeding, watering, fertilizing and maintenance.

Bark mulch is one of the best options because it slowly decays. Hardwood mulch is the most common mulch option, and we have colored mulch options as well.

The amount of mulch needed can vary quite a bit, but it doesn’t take long for that amount to be substantial. And, when mulch is applied 3 to 4 inches thick it will stop weeds from sprouting up.

At Keleny, we have mulch delivery for your project needs!

Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch: a uniformly sized natural mulch, brown to brownish red in color with no dye added

Dyed Brown Mulch: a uniformly sized mulch, dark brown, almost chocolate brown in color; the color lasts longer because of it being dyed

Dyed Red Mulch: a uniformly sized red colored mulch; the color lasts longer because of it being dyed


  • use around shrubs, trees and plants to help maintain moisture while controlling weeds, and moderating soil temperatures, it also breaks down to add nutrients to the soil
  • for under play equipment
  • for walking paths through your garden or property