At Keleny, we think kids shouldn’t be the only ones who get to play in the sand!

It’s a different kind of playing around, but you sure feel accomplished when you get the job done. We carry the types of sand necessary to get some serious projects completed. If you are building a sandbox, or volleyball court we can help you out there too.

We carry two types of sand, one is fine sand and the other is paver sand.

Sand and soil really go together especially when you’re looking for good drainage. If you live where the soil may be short on sand, you’ll have a harder time growing a vibrant garden or flower bed.

Fine sand / Mason Sand

A fine clean sand, also called play sand


  • Used for sandboxes and volleyball courts

  • For making mortar mixes

  • For under a swimming pool

Torpedo Sand / Paver Sand / Concrete Sand Image

A washed sand that is slightly bigger in size than mason sand. Also called concrete sand.


  • For mixing with soils

  • For making concrete or as a bedding material under patio bricks

  • As a general purpose backfill material in trenches to bed pipes