Why Do I Need Topsoil?

Why Top Soil?

Soil is the foundation of our landscape. Top soil, as the name implies, is the uppermost layer of soil. It’s rich in minerals, nutrients and organic matter, resulting in a nutritious material for plants and trees.

Dumping Dirt into TruckChoosing quality topsoil is one of the most important parts of gardening. You may need topsoil for filling ruts in your yard, planting a new garden or raised bed, or raising the level of the soil around your foundation.

When would you want to use compost? Will horse manure bedding compost work as part of my soil mix…what would I use that for? What is shredded clay in terms of my top soil?

We carry the topsoil for all your needs and can answer all those questions for you!

Keleny Top Soil also carries other products for your landscaping and yard needs such as decorative stones and all kinds of mulch, sand, and gravel. Please look around our web page or call us with any questions.