How Much Do I Need?

We sell all our products by the cubic yards, so your delivery is based on a volume measurement rather than the weight of the material (weight can vary depending on the moisture content of it).

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Dumping Dirt1 cubic yard is equivalent to:
about 6 to 10 wheelbarrows of material
about 22 bushels baskets of material
about a bathtub full of material
about 200 gallons

1 cubic yard covers:
at 1 inch deep, 324 square feet
at 2 inches deep, 162 square feet
at 3 inches deep, 108 square feet
at 4 inches deep, 81 square feet
at 6 inches deep, 54 square feet
at 8 inches deep, 40 square feet
at 9 inches deep, 36 square feet
at 12 inches deep, 27 square feet