The same way spinach gets Popeye pumped up; compost provides serious kick to your soil! Compost has nutrients that plants need to grow to their full potential, like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. It even supplies micronutrients that sometimes get overlooked. In some cases you may not even need to fertilize soil enriched with compost.

This black gold releases its nutrients as your plants need them.

In early spring, when growth is starting to take place, the microorganisms in compost are slowly releasing their nutrients. The organic matter in compost combines with soil particles to form small crumbs. These crumbs allow more space for oxygen and are great for root growth. They also provide channels for excess water to move through the soil. If you’re doing any gardening at all, organic compost is a must!

Whether you’re using organic compost to kickstart your garden or give your plants new life, Keleny has some great compost options for you to pick from.

Natural materials composted to make a great amendment to your soil for gardening. These composts are added to your soil to improve soil structure, add nutrients and organic matter to your soil, and improve the moisture holding capacity of your soil.

Purple Cow Classic Compost

Purple Cow classic compost

An organic compost that carries the US Composting “Seal of Assurance”, approved by OMRI for organic production, and meets WI DNR S100 specification.