Welcome to Keleny Top Soil!

Keleny Topsoil is here for all your landscape supply needs!

Let’s work on your lawn and garden projects together. Our landscape supply & products help your lawn & garden projects come to life. From mulch to soil to sand to stone and compost, it’s more than “just dirt.”

Like different landscaping for different homes, dirt, soil and mulch are all different.

The better the dirt, the better your lawn, your garden and your home will look.

Nobody wants to invest long, hard hours and invest a lot of money on their lawn and garden projects as well spend a lot of money on landscape supply and products just to have it look dull and lifeless.

We will work with you to figure out just how much soil and compost you need, what kind of mulch will be best for your project, which sand or stone will work with your landscaping idea and we offer a garden mixes for the “Green Thumb” in your life!

Why do I need topsoil?
What kind do I need?
How much do I order?
The Keleny family knows dirt.

We know soil, we know mulch, we know compost and we know how to make your property look fantastic after all the hard work you put into landscaping!