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From mulch to soil to sand to stone and compost, it's more than "just dirt".

The better the dirt, the better your lawn, your garden and your home will look.

Nobody wants to invest long, hard hours and invest a lot of money on their lawn and garden projects on landscape supply and products just to have it look dull and lifeless.

We will work with you to figure out just how much soil and compost you need, what kind of mulch will be best for your project, which sand or stone will work with your landscaping idea and we offer a garden mix for the “Green Thumb” in your life!

We know soil, we know mulch, we know compost and we know how to make your property look fantastic after all the hard work you put into landscaping!

Why do I need top soil?

Choosing quality topsoil is one of the most important parts of gardening. You may need topsoil for filling ruts in your yard, planting a new garden or raised bed, or raising the level of the soil around your foundation.

What kind do you need?

Not all topsoil is the same, a darker soil is not always better. It can be associated with a high amount of organic matter (a good thing), but it can also mean the soil comes from wetland areas (a bad thing, which we don’t do).

How much do I order?

We sell all our products by the cubic yard, so your delivery is based on a volume measurement rather than the weight of the material (weight can vary depending on the moisture content of it).

Why choose us?

We are a family owned business through and through. Keleny Top Soil was established in 1934 by proud owners John and Kathryn Keleny.


Soil & Compost

There are some other variations of topsoil out there depending on what you're doing but we can help you determine what you need.

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Sand & Stone

While we all want great looking lawns, there is a place for using stone and gravel that can make the curb appeal of your home jump out to anyone just driving by.

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We'll make sure you get the best mulch for the job. We even offer to deliver the mulch for you!


Specialty Mixes

We are able to mix and shred other mixes for rain gardens, retention basins, athletic fields and other uses that contain topsoil, sand, compost, or ag lime.

Great service, they helped me to calculate my material needs, and put extra effort into dropping the material exactly where I wanted it. This saved me at least a day of work and/or a bobcat rental. Cheers to you guys and thanks for the great service!


Having mulch delivered is the greatest service ever! Thank you Chris, Jim and Chuck for all your help and making this project so simple.