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Gary Tallard
Gary Tallard
March 8, 2024
Good company they're really polite over the phone then worked with me to get the delivery's out thank you
Bryan Knox
Bryan Knox
April 28, 2023
Great product and customer service! Talked to Chris on facebook messenger back in February about prices for a few yards of their garden mix top soil. After some chatting back and forth, he informed me that prices go up in April, but as he didn’t know those prices yet, if I called in April, he would still grant me the price he quoted me. Well, with a wisconsin winter, I had no idea when it would be a good time to get the soil. I ended up calling in mid April to get the soil I needed. When I mentioned the conversation on messenger, the person I was talking to said they couldn’t just change the price. Since the other local place didn’t have any soil mix yet, I went ahead and ordered anyway, and ordered 1 yard less to keep it under the price I had budgeted for. A week later, I messaged on messenger as I was a bit bummed with what happened. Chris responded, and apologized. He then called me and gave me some options for making it right. This is something missing from so many companies these days. Customer service! Highly recommend Keleny!
Matthew Balch
Matthew Balch
April 19, 2023
Office is an awesome time capsule from 2012 and beyond. Quick and no talking really, perfect. Loaded up quickly and easy way out.
K Lang
K Lang
October 12, 2022
Ordered garden mix for my raised garden beds a few months ago and highly recommend! Delivery was prompt and communication was good. The soil is extremely high quality - my tomato plants and cosmos topped 7 feet and my brussels sprouts were over 5 feet tall! After reading reviews, I purchased 2 big bags of perlite to mix in - cheap and easy to do and keeps the soil soft and keeps roots happy. Weed seeds are impossible to avoid but I was pleasantly surprised. A few short weeding sessions in the first 2 weeks and then virtually no more weeding needed. Highly recommend for A+ service and quality!!
Andrew Komisarek
Andrew Komisarek
May 22, 2022
Very nice people with reasonable prices
Krystyna Kowalik
Krystyna Kowalik
October 5, 2021
3rd time ordering from them. Excellent topsoil, quick same-day delivery, reasonable prices, good communication, and left the soil exactly where we wanted it. Thanks, Keleny!
Thelost coinhunter
Thelost coinhunter
August 13, 2021
Dirt and stone!!!! Good shredded dirt!!! And they deliver!!!! Good people!!!!

Shredded topsoil

Double Shredded TopSoil

Double-shredded hardwood mulch is a premium landscaping product that benefits gardens, landscapes, and trees. As the name suggests, this mulch is finely processed twice, creating a consistent, aesthetically pleasing texture that spreads smoothly and covers the soil evenly. 


  • For lawn areas, either to put in a new lawn or to top-dress an existing lawn or fill in holes or depressions in a lawn.

  • For gardens areas where the customer would like to amend the soil with their own products.

  • For bringing up the soil level along the house foundation to create a positive grade away from the foundation.

  • For the planting of trees and shrubs where additional soil is needed.

Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch

Crafted from natural hardwoods, this eco-friendly option enhances the visual appeal of outdoor spaces and acts as a protective barrier for soil and plants. This mulch effectively suppresses weed growth, maintains soil moisture by reducing evaporation, and insulates the soil, moderating its temperature to protect roots from extreme summer and cold winter heat. 

At Keleny Top Soil, our double-shredded hardwood mulch is meticulously sourced and produced to ensure high quality. It’s an attractive option for creating clean lines around trees, shrubs, and flower beds, contributing to a tidy and polished landscape design. 

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