Benefits of Using Organic Fertilizer

For most people, there is not much thought that goes into what kind of fertilizer you should be using. Fertilizer is fertilizer, right? However, there are eco-friendly, organic fertilizers available that are good for your plants, the soil, and the environment. While the plants themselves cannot tell the difference between synthetic and organic fertilizers, it can have a big impact on its surroundings.

Eco-friendly fertilizer is made from natural, organic materials found in nature. This means that it does not contain any synthetic chemicals or pollutants that can be harmful to the environment. It also breaks down more slowly than synthetic fertilizers, so it provides a slow and steady release of nutrients to the plants. Breaking down slowly proves to be especially beneficial for young plants or seedlings that cannot handle a sudden influx of nutrients, and you also won’t have to fertilize plants as often.

potted plant with organic fertilizer next to it

It’s Good for the Soil

Eco-friendly fertilizer is also good for the soil. It helps to improve drainage and aeration while increasing the soil’s ability to hold water. This results in healthier plants that are better able to withstand drought conditions. In addition, organic matter in eco-friendly fertilizer helps to improve the soil’s structure, which makes it easier for roots to grow and access nutrients.

On the other hand, synthetic fertilizers can be bad for soil health. Synthetic fertilizers are made from petroleum products, which are non-renewable resources. They can kill helpful bacteria and earthworms, which are vital to the soil. These fertilizers can also cause a build-up of salts and chemicals that make it difficult for plants to absorb water and nutrients. In addition, synthetic fertilizers release nitrogen into groundwater.

Natural Fertilizer is Safer for Everyone

Not only is eco-friendly fertilizer better for the environment, but it is also safer for people and animals. Synthetic fertilizers often contain harmful chemicals that can be toxic if inhaled or ingested. They can also cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. However, eco-friendly fertilizer is made from natural materials that are not harmful to people or animals.

Make Your Own Organic Fertilizer

You can purchase organic fertilizer, or make your own eco-friendly fertilizer at home. All you need is some organic matter, like manure, leaves, or grass clippings. You can also add kitchen scraps, such as fruit and vegetable peels. Once you have collected enough organic matter, simply compost it by piling it up in a corner of your yard

Pair Your Organic Fertilizer with Soil from Keleny

If you are looking for a fertilizer that is good for your plants, the environment, and your family, then eco-friendly fertilizer is the way to go. It may cost a little bit more upfront, but the long-term benefits are worth it. When you’re ready to get your garden going, turn to our soil experts at Keleny Top Soil for high quality soil and mulch.