Fall Gardening Tips

As we are wrapping up summer, now is a good time to prepare for your fall gardening needs. Some vegetables don’t grow as well during hot summer conditions but thrive in the cooler fall weather. Though certain vegetables are suited better for cooler conditions they should be planted now before the cold weather arrives. It may be too late to plant certain vegetables such as tomatoes or peppers, but there are still some great options available to plant for your fall garden!


Leaves-FallGardening Prep

Adding compost to your garden before planting is essential to help your fall crops flourish. Also, by spreading a layer of mulch, your soil will preserve moisture and keep cooler for your fall vegetable garden. If you’re looking for a place to find compost and/or mulch look no further than Keleny! We have a selection of mulches and compost that you can choose from to best serve your gardening needs so you can reap the benefits of your fall crops.

Vegetable Options

Now that you have a few tips on how to prepare your fall garden for the cooler temperatures, you will need a list of vegetables to choose from to plant. Lettuce, spinach and radishes are a few vegetable options that you are still able to plant for the fall. Lettuce grows well in cool, moist conditions which is perfect for fall weather. If a particular day gets too hot this late in the year you may want to consider hand watering the lettuce to cool them down. Spinach can be treated rather similarly since it too prefers cooler temps and moist soil. Radishes mature rather quickly, in about a month’s time. They do not like frost so it is important to harvest them when you see them pressing up through the soil.

Hurry in to Keleny Top Soil to get all of your mulch and compost needs so you can be a step ahead of the cold temperatures! Don’t forget to plant your vegetables for your fall garden soon so you can enjoy them yet later this fall!