Garden Inspired Fall Décor

We are loving these fall colors! Things have really started to pop this week around Wisconsin and we are ready to bring those beautiful fall colors to our front porch for the season. You can create your display by using your very own garden to decorate for fall!

First Things First

Time to clean up your yard and gather your fall décor supplies. It’s also the time to clear out all of the dead flowers, branches, and fallen leaves from your garden. Follow our tips and tricks to use this debris for mulch. If you run out, Keleny has plenty of mulch options to fill in where your leaf mulch left off. Adding in fresh, nutrient rich mulch will help protect and nourish your soil for the upcoming year.

Flowers, Pumpkins, and Gourds, Oh My!

If you planted flowers, pumpkins, or gourds in your garden, you’ll have plenty of fall décor options to choose from! Pick out a variety of shapes, colors, and textures to give your front porch display a multi-dimensional look.

Mums are a great choice for a hardy, fall flower. Use your existing flower pots and replace summer flowers with autumn mums to revive your front porch look with a variety of colors.

Use harvest or bushel baskets to display your unique mix of small pumpkins, textured squash, or colorful apples. To add even more dimension to your display, stack pumpkins on stairs, hay bales, or a ladder to add varying heights.


Throw in some flannel accents, a blanket, or a pillow to cozy things up. Now you’re ready to enjoy a nice, fresh cup of apple cider on your fall inspired porch!

We love having a front porch full of garden inspired fall décor because it’s simple! It can make garden clean up a little more fun and you can show off your end of year gardening goods.

When you’re done with your fall décor, just toss the produce into your compost pile (if you aren’t cooking up whatever items are still okay to eat). No need for a tedious clean up. And, it won’t take up any basement storage space!

How are you getting creative with your garden inspired fall décor? Share your pictures with us on our Facebook page: