Ways To Ensure Your Yard Has Healthy Topsoil

Topsoil is fundamental in providing nutrients to plants because it serves as a natural habitat for plant-friendly organisms. It also filters water for plants to absorb. For these reasons, it is important to keep the topsoil in your yard healthy at all times. 

Preventing the topsoil from drying out and being blown or washed away is essential to keep your plants healthy. If you are a home gardener, continue reading to learn more about ways to preserve the topsoil in your yard.

Aerate the Topsoil of Your Yard

One great way to preserve your yard’s topsoil is through aeration. It is an effective way for nutrients, water, and oxygen to get to the root area by removing soil plugs. After this process, the topsoil becomes less compacted because of the thatch and foot traffic. 

Home gardeners are advised to aerate annually to maintain the health of their soil. It is also essential to use top dressing after the aeration. There are various kinds of top dressing—compost, sand, and even the same topsoil from the property, which are extremely rich in nutrients. 

These top dressings are all beneficial in maintaining the health of your topsoil. As a home gardener who likes taking care of the yard, you can invest in an aerator machine. It is run over the soil before planting new plants. 

Try Composting for Healthy Topsoil

Compost is a mixture of decomposed organic materials that provide nitrogen and  

other beneficial substances to the soil. The nutrients from the compost can make the soil quality better. As a result of healthier topsoil, plant growth and the overall health of your yard will improve. 

Organic matter from decomposed plants is also a vital component that gives good topsoil drainage. This means that your soil can handle just the right amount of water, and it becomes loose, so it is easy to dig.

Maintain the Topsoil’s pH Levels

When you maintain the appropriate topsoil pH level, your plants will grow in a non-toxic environment with the right amount of nutrients. You can conduct a soil pH test to ensure that your soil has a sufficient amount of nutrients. There are various ways to check the soil’s pH levels. Those include using soil strips and kitchen supplies like baking soda and vinegar. 

Use Cover Crops To Preserve Topsoil Health

There is a wide range of benefits from using cover crops. When you plant them in different gardening seasons, you are actually preserving your topsoil because the organic matter levels increase over time. Cover crops also have taproots that reduce compaction as it creates larger pores in the soil. 

Because the topsoil is preserved, future plants would grow in a healthy environment. Cover crops can also take excessive water after winter rainfall, retain moisture, prevent erosion, and serve as grazing for cattle.

Some types of cover crops are non-legume broadleaves, legumes, and grasses. Non-legume broadleaves absorb soil nitrogen, legumes fix nitrogen, while grasses accumulate soil nitrogen. 

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