How to Make Stone Look Beautiful in Your Landscape

Almost any form of healthy greenery will make a landscape look nice. However, with some structured architecture and stone added to your beautiful yard, your landscape will no longer look flat. There is a special place for stone in your landscape that will give your home instant curb appeal and be one of the many reasons your yard becomes the envy of the neighborhood. 


The rocks, stone, and gravel you choose will set the tone for your yard or your garden. Little beach pebbles or big river rocks add warmth and will give your home a soothing, natural feel. White marble chips brighten shady areas, and flat terracotta stones compliment tropical, wet landscapes. 

No matter where you live, you can find the perfect complimentary stone landscaping. Fit it to go with your home, yard, season, and region you are located. Stones last indefinitely, it is important to choose a look you will be happy with for years to come! 

Ideas to Add Stone Landscaping

  • Replace mulch – stones may be a little more expensive than mulch, but they are more durable, last longer, look nicer and can balance your yard better.
  • Use rocks in a French drain – this will create a more appealing drainage and runoff solution for your yard and home.
  • Sidewalk landscaping – stones add a more colorful, eye pleasing walkway area. Use a mixture of stones, mulch, and ornamental grasses for maximum sidewalk appeal.
  • Create a centerpiece – a large boulder can be an eye-catching focal point for your yard if there is an empty space you don’t know what to do with. 

The front and back yard of your business or home is meant to be inviting so all guests feel welcome. Design a beautiful, symmetrical landscape with retaining walls, gravel walkways, green shrubs, and gorgeous stonework to compliment your home or business! 

Here at Keleny Top Soil, get washed stones for around your house and shrubs. Gravel and limestone for your driveways and under your patio. We have everything you need for a beautiful, thriving landscape!