Making Your Landscaping Standout

LandscapingWhether you are changing the current landscaping at your home or landscaping around a new home, there are a few things you can do in the planning then buying stages to ensure you landscaping ends up being the best in the neighborhood. Here are five tips to start your summer landscaping.

Go Big with the Landscaping!

Consider larger plants, shrubs or trees. Place them around the area you are landscaping as important markers or where the landscaping starts and stops. Think about adding a gazebo in the middle of the project and planting out around it as well as adding stones or sand for decoration or as walkways around the area.

Plan Your Landscaping Outside AND Inside the House

Obviously, you’ll be outside looking around, plotting what the landscaping will look like from the street or from your neighbor’s house. But, don’t forget to look from the inside of the house and monitor how the space looks at different times of day. Remember, if you are planting new large trees or doing the landscaping around big objects, shadows are going to affect certain plants that might need all day sun or partial shade. You’ll need to know where rainwater might collect and if you’ll need to create a path for it to drain.

Light Your Landscaping Up!

If you are going to create a pathway through the area to be under a gazebo or through the garden to a nice reading bench, light the path for the evenings. Lighting your garden and landscaping is essential to make it “feel” perfect!

The Garden

Don’t be afraid to integrate vegetables into your landscaping area in the garden. While it’s good if you have a separate vegetable garden, consider how a small vegetable plants might mix well with your blooming flowers. The colors could be vibrant and tasty!


You’ve spent a lot of time planning and planting and building the landscaping. It’s not done yet, though! Your plants and garden will need the TLC you are used to giving your vegetable garden. Make sure the compost and soil are good for your different plants and remember the fertilizer! Plus, make sure it’s easy to water the area. Can you hide a hose within the landscaping somehow? That’s a plus!