Now That Rocks! Stone Landscaping

Landscaping-rocksMost of the time landscaping is associated with plants and mulch, but rocks and stones can be a great way to add texture and color. The different sizes available provide more than a variety of looks; they also have different functions as well. Sometimes a combination of different stone or rock works well.

Keleny carries a variety of stone as well as sand to help you achieve the look you want while making sure it’s the right material for the job. Having the proper size will ensure the right amount of drainage and help lengthen the life of the project. While personal preference is a factor in choosing what type you’ll use, here are some pros and cons…

Pros for Stone Landscaping

  • Stone doesn’t require a lot of reapplication
  • Weed growth is less likely
  • Stone will not decompose
  • It won’t wash out
  • Stone does not promote the growth of fungi
  • It is less likely to blow away in the wind

Cons for Stone Landscaping

  • Stone can be a bit more when it comes to cost
  • More intense labor is involved upon installation
  • Because of the lack of decomposition there will not be any nutrients added to your plants
  • A little less moisture retention

Overall, stone is a beautiful addition to your yard. The lack of maintenance is probably one of the biggest benefits. Let us know what ideas you’re kicking around. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have and give our expert advice to make sure your yard rocks!