It may be time to put a dress on your lawn.

maxresdefaultA healthy lawn requires a rich soil base. This can easily be achieved when a lawn is first planted or reseeded but an already established yard requires different care. That’s where the technique of “top-dressing” comes in. It’s the addition of a thin layer of soil over the lawn. This method can improve soil without killing the existing turf. Here are some of the problems top-dressing can take care of.

  • Low spots due to rotting tree roots
  • Settling after underground pipe or cable installation
  • Uneven Terrain caused by winter freezing and thawing
  • Bare spots from a variation in soil texture, nutrients, heat, drought or other environmental damage
  • Depletion of nutrients

When should you throw on the Top-Dress

The best time is in early fall or spring. Grass will need time to grow through three or four more mowing before severe heat or cold. You can do it in stages as you find areas in need or tackle the whole yard at once. The first step is to aerate. Keep in mind aeration is needed every 2-3 years so if you’ve had it done recently you may be able to skip this step.
If top-dressing sounds like something that will bring your yard back to life get a hold of us to go over all the details and order some soil. Contact Us

How often to Top-Dress

Trouble spots may require repeat applications, but regular, uniform top-dressing does not need to be done every year. Also keep in mind you’re adding soil, overtime it will raise your grade and affect thatch breakdown and soil ecology, so don’t go overboard. If you’re concerned about raising the grade then make sure you top-dress after aeration as the soil will be brushed into aeration holes.