Why Mulch is a Must

When you look at your garden or landscape, do you feel like something is missing? It might just be that you don’t have mulch to give your home’s landscape a finished appearance. The look of mulch can definitely change the way you look at your garden and even increase the value of your home or business. But, the advantages for mulch go way beyond increasing curb appeal.

There are plenty of reasons to add mulch to your garden or around your trees, including moisture conservation and weed suppression as well as improving biodiversity when the mulch rots and the nutrients soak into the soil. It can also simplify your gardening chores! But, how do you know which type of mulch to choose?

When looking for the correct type of mulch you first need to know where the mulch is going. Bark, wood chips, and compost are what we commonly think of when it comes to mulch but stone and gravel can also be used as a more long term solution for walking paths and under playground equipment.  

Mulch around Trees

If you have just planted a tree, it will need a lot of water in the first three years. Because of the water conservation role mulch plays, spreading it around the base will help keep the area moist for the tree during tougher weather conditions; keeping the roots warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Mulch around Your Garden

Mulch, while suppressing weeds and helping with water conservation is also providing healthy soil. Mulch offers improved soil structure and drainage for the water. It also protects your plants roots from hot and cold temperature fluctuations.

Having an idea of where you are going to place your mulch will be very helpful when choosing the type of mulch you want. At Keleny we offer three different types of mulch:

  • Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch
  • Dyed Brown Mulch
  • Dyed Red Mulch

We also offer many types of gravel and stone as well if that is the route you want to take instead. At Keleny, any choice you make will be a great one because of our quality products and we’d be happy to talk through your options for your next project today!