Pushing Plastic out of your Garden

Biodegradable gardening
Biodegradable garden

As gardeners (new or seasoned) we feel proud of the fact that we are contributing to nature with our gardens and landscapes. Something we might not be so proud of though is the amount of plastic that can be used while taking care of your garden. From plastic pots and tools to labels and disposable plastic plant holders, it might seem like you can’t escape using at least a little bit of plastic. Fortunately, with a little bit of research, you can successfully reduce the amount of plastic you use and start moving forward into a more sustainable way of gardening!

Order local

Ordering your topsoil, mulch, compost, and gravel from a local supplier (we might know someone!) to be delivered and placed in your garden or in your yard with a wheel barrel is a great way to reduce the amount of plastic bags you would go through if you picked them up from a gardening center. Plus your soil or mulch will be much better quality and your garden will have a great starting place to flourish.

Plastic Free Supplies

Looking at your garden right now you might see a lot of plastic pots, plastic tools, and even plastic covering to keep your weeds away. All of these supplies can be easily replaced with alternate materials. Your plastic pots can be replaced with either biodegradable holders like egg cartons or by using reusable glass pots instead. Your plastic tools can be swapped out with wood and metal tools that are going to be more durable and more effective in your garden. Other alternatives you can use in your garden can be newspaper or flattened cardboard for weed prevention, metal watering cans, and wooden labels.

Starting from seeds

It can be tempting to purchase already grown plants and vegetables that you can just pop in your soil to start growing. But, the amount of plastic that is used and discarded with those tiny planters is mind-blowing. Instead, start with seeds instead. Most seed containers are in paper or cardboard which can be easily recycled and you can pride yourself in knowing that you grew something from the start.

Trust Keleny

While you are getting your garden ready for the fall and winter months, consider making small changes to make all the difference! For more landscaping tips like this or to talk through your next outdoor project, reach out to our team!