Cultivating a Family Business

truck-in-paradeIt sure has been a slow start to winter this year. We’ve seen many strange seasons throughout the years at Keleny. We’re a family owned business that started in 1934 by John and Kathryn Keleny. The Madison area was being developed and there was a need to conserve the top soil.

When John and Kathryn started, they would get up early in the morning when it was cooler out and hand shovel top soil onto the truck and make the deliveries. Of course the business grew, bigger equipment was needed and the Keleny’s started to deliver to more customers. Their son, Jack, worked side by side with his parents and eventually took over the company.

While we’ve grown, we haven’t grown out of the values and business practices that were planted by John and Kathryn. It was their forward thinking that made the company what it is today and that’s a torch that we gladly keep burning. A lot like top soil, it may not look like much, but beyond the surface lies so much more.

Holiday is a great time of year to cherish family and we can honestly say we’re proud of our family business and the opportunity to serve so many families in the Madison area. When you call the Keleny Top Soil, your call will be answered by a member of the Keleny family, just as it has been since 1934. When the seasons do finally change again and it’s time to get back to the yard work, remember that Keleny is ready to serve you.