Garden Planning in Winter

winter-gardeningIf you love working in the dirt like we do then the winter can drive you a bit stir crazy. However, there is excitement in anticipation of the spring that is to come. So what things can you do to keep busy this winter in preparation for spring?

Brush up on your gardening knowledge

If you’re an experienced landscaper or gardener, you might already have a grasp on what techniques work best. Chances are you’ve probably had your fair share of failures as well. If there is anything you want to learn about or something you’ve previously tried that didn’t work out then study away this winter!

Plot out your garden

This will only heighten your excitement for summer and it’s a great way to get a jump start on what plants you’re going to have and where they’ll work best in your garden. Of course you’ll have to look into what type of soil and how much space will be needed as well.

Check your garden supplies/ tools

Take inventory of your gardening/ landscaping supplies so you’ll have what you need in the spring. There really is nothing worse than finally reaching spring/summer just to find out you don’t have everything you need. You’ll then have to head to the hardware store to battle spring crowds.

Pull out your tools and wash them up. Make sure you have starting soil, seed trays, pots, or anything else you will need if you plan to start seeds indoors. Make sure any of the power equipment you use is tuned up and ready to roll as well. Don’t forget to order anything that you may need for next season.

Just because you can’t play in the soil doesn’t mean you can’t adequately prepare!