Let’s BE friends with BEES

Bee with Flowers

When you think of warmer weather you think of sunny skies, green grass, and flowers blooming. Something you might not think of is the busiest insect out there, the bee. Yes, bees can be nuisances and they can even be fearful. But, they are the reason we have beautiful flowers, fresh produce, delicious honey, and so many other things to enjoy. Unfortunately there has been a decline in the bee population in recent years which can cause a big problem for not only the veggies in your garden, but for the future of our population. It’s not too late to turn this problem around though. Doing a few minor changes in your garden or landscape, that you can do on your own, can make all the difference.

Avoid the Chemicals

Avoid using any pesticides, fungicides or herbicides on plants or in your garden. Try using natural based products such as oil with dish soap or garlic spray, that won’t harm bees, but also protecting your precious plants!

Plant Bee Friendly Plants

Planting flowers and produce that will attract bees to pollinate, which will keep them healthy and your garden looking better than ever. Some bee friendly plants that can be planted are; honeysuckles, sunflowers, and strawberries. Keeping your plants healthy with quality soil from Keleny can help make all the difference for your garden and landscape.

Give them Water

Install a little water basin, fountain system, or bird bath for the bees to drink during the warm days of summer. Put a few stones and floating cork on the water so bees won’t drown!

Educate Yourself and Your Children

Help keep bees safe by educating yourself and your children by learning that bees don’t want to harm you. Be aware of your surroundings and keep your distance from them, letting them do their busy work while you enjoy the benefits.

Keleny knows good dirt!

Keeping the environment safe, and making your landscape and garden look their best is our goal at Keleny. We have quality products including soil, stone, compost, and mulch to make sure you have the yard of your dreams. For information on our products or resources on how to improve the look of your landscape, contact Keleny!