Don’t Pivot from your Divots

Smooth your lumpy lawn easily!

With harsh winter weather it’s easy to forget that you have a lawn underneath all of the snow. It’s also easy to forget that your lawn may be getting damaged right now do to things you can’t control. Like your pets or unwanted critters digging in your lawn, heavy equipment driving in the grass, tree stumps being removed, and wet soil can all cause damage to your landscape. Damage like divots. Lucky for you divots and holes can be easily repaired and looking back to normal fairly quickly.

Discover the right time:

The success of repairing any divot or hole in your yard is all dependent on strong grass. Late-Spring is usually the best time to make any repairs after your lawn has recovered from the deep cold and hasn’t heated up too much from the hot summer sun.

Call Keleny for the correct soil mixture:

In order for your grass to take root in the soil, you need to find the right mixture of soil and sand or compost. Keleny is able to make a home visit to access what type of mixture would work best for your landscape and how much you’ll actually need.

Fill the Holes:

After you’ve got the correct soil mixture you should then start filling the holes. Make sure you fill the hole about ½ – 1 inch above the ground and place the sod or grass seedlings in the mixture.

Fertilize, Water, Repeat:

Care for your new lawn daily to make sure that it is growing correctly and has completely covered the divots.

Trust Keleny:

Healthy lawns can be a lot of work, especially when working against the elements. At Keleny we understand the struggles of wanting a beautiful landscape. That’s why it is our mission to help you make your landscaping dreams come true. Contact us to talk through your dream yard today!