Get Your Garden Spring Ready

Spring is a time of growth and rebirth. It is important to prepare your garden early as well as maintain it throughout the season to ensure continual beauty. Here are some tips to get your garden ready for spring! 


Pull all weeds

Whether they are weeds from last year or new ones that have sprouted recently, it is important to eliminate all traces of those weeds. Pulling your weeds while they are still young, and the ground is soft makes it easier to remove them entirely and ensure they don’t grow back! 

Fertilize the garden beds

Once your garden has thawed from the cold weather, apply fertilizer around your trees, shrubs and perennials to bring nutrients back into the ground. It is important to match the fertilizer to the plant type you want to grow to meet the proper nutrient needs. 

Get rid of leaves

To keep plants healthy, clip off brown foliage from the winter season. This will clear the way for this year’s new growth. 

You want to rid your garden space of all frost-killed perennial flowers from last winter and start new this year. Rake away or blow all matted leaves in your yard so that the new plants can take in all the sunlight. 

Problem prevention

Apply prevention products to your lawn to kill crabgrass and granular weeds that love garden beds. The proper maintenance and prevention will kill existing weeds, fertilize your area and prevent new weeds from popping up, all in one easy application. 

Edge the beds

An edging tool, whether it is a human-powered edging tool or a power edger, the end of the winter season is a good time to cut sharp edges along all your garden beds. This will neaten up your landscape and create a barrier to contain mulch that can be applied once the soil consistently warms up for the spring and summer season! 

To make sure your garden thrives this year, especially here in Wisconsin, wait until spring has made its full arrival before putting anything into the ground. Prepare the soil by loosening it back up with tilling or turning it over. Using a tiller or sharp spade will work the soil 12-14 inches deep to loosen it up! Add a healthy layer of compost to your soil to improve the texture, nutrient content and moisture-retention to prepare for your plants.

If your existing soil is particularly poor, the easiest option is to build a garden bed above it. Apply a thick layer of mulch to keep the weeds from establishing themselves in your garden. Ensure your garden flourishes this year with quality products from Keleny Top Soil!