Trust the Local Worm to Know Quality Dirt

Why Choose Keleny Rather Than Big-Box Stores?

Shopping at big-box stores is convenient for gardening projects with its DIY gardening materials, potting soil, and pebbles. With large landscaping projects, however, Keleny Top Soil has all the supplies you need. While big-box stores offer small gardening essentials, Keleny can help you give your landscape a complete makeover. From soil to specialty mixes, we offer you everything to make your property look fantastic.

While big-box stores carry gardening supplies with straightforward customer service, Keleny offers supply delivery and project assistance. Our quality topsoil, made special for Wisconsin gardens and lawns, will help you grow various plants within your yard. We offer a variety of soil and compost and recommend the best type for your landscaping project. Our exceptional team of topsoil experts (Yes, we have the worm on the payroll) can also help you calculate your material needs and deliver everything on time.

Choose Keleny for Its Caring Team of Experts

Shopping for gardening supplies at big-box stores may give you a limited list of options and services. Keleny’s caring team of experts, on the other hand, provides recommendations and advice for your landscaping project. Our team will help you save at least a day’s work by delivering your materials exactly where you need them.

Here at Keleny, we strive to simplify your project no matter how big it is. We guarantee customer satisfaction and top-quality products to make your landscape beautiful. As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of serving our customers with care and expertise. Our team will gladly work with you to make the best decisions for your landscaping project!

Landscaping Supplies You Can Get From Keleny

As its name implies, Keleny provides the best topsoil and other landscaping essentials. Keleny carries a selection of soil and compost that will suit your project. Our team also delivers the best mulch to protect your surface soil from drying out. 

For special projects, we also carry specialty mixes to build the foundation of your landscaping plan. Our specialty mixes can be used for any project, including sports tracks and ponds. Keleny also provides sand and stones to help you build a beautiful lawn. Decorative rocks and gravel add a welcoming look to your landscaping project.

Purchase Landscaping Essentials by the Bulk

Unlike most big-box stores, you can order landscaping essentials by the bulk from Keleny. Our team will deliver your topsoil along with your other project materials. Keleny sells all products by the cubic yard. All deliveries from Keleny are counted on a volume measurement rather than the weight of the material. We don’t like to see people overpay because the morning dew weighed the load down

Keleny delivers the best quality topsoil with our trucks to save you time and money. We offer our customers the convenience of scheduled deliveries and project assistance.

Choose our Topsoil Experts at Keleny Top Soil for Your Landscaping Projects

If you are planning big landscaping or gardening projects for your home, turn to Keleny Top Soil in Verona, WI for all the supplies you need. Call or visit us today to get started with your lawn improvement project!