Gifts for Gardeners

If you are a Green Thumb or have one in your life, now is a good time to look for gardening supplies. Not only would they make great presents for the holiday season and for under the Christmas Tree, since its off season, some of the prices are much lower than they will be come Spring! Here are a few great gift ideas!

Dandelion DiggerDandelion Digger

They will show up. You can try all you want to keep them from sprouting in your garden, but winds blow seeds and dandelions love the fertile soil of the vegetable garden. A good dandelion digger is perfect gift for the gardener trying to keep their garden pretty!

Wind ChimesWind Chimes

The soothing sounds of a wind chime make for a great relaxation helper. After a few hours of making the garden look beautiful, on hands and knees with the dandelion digger, sitting near the garden and hearing the wind blow thoughtful music through the chimes would be grand!

Grow LightsPlant Lights for Inside Growing

Why not get the garden started earlier, during the cooler months when we are stuck in the house? You can find numerous light kits online or at local stores (support your local businesses!) that will help your gardener see their summer fun a littler earlier in the year.

Landscaping Ideas Book

Maybe it’s time for a change to the landscape around the home. Or, you want to start but need to get someone else on board with the plans. Here’s your chance to begin the process of coming up with new landscaping ideas and then coming to Keleny Top Soil for your landscape supply needs! (Hint Hint)

trellisA Trellis

This could be something new to try for a gardener who has always wanted to try some climbing plants or has before but never used the trellis. Here are some fantastic ideas for a trellis and if you are crafty yourself, you could make one!

Have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season and keep yourself warm this winter thinking about all the fun you can have in the garden and your backyard!