Leaves for Compost, For a Better Garden

leaf-compostAutumn is one of the more beautiful times of year; the colors, the weather and the fall festivals can make for a lovely prep for the harsh winter ahead. But, there’s something that many homeowners hate about the Fall Season: the leaves. It’s an added chore to collect them prior to mowing (You are doing that before you mow, right? You should be!), and let’s not even discuss your rain gutters and the mess leaves cause there. Did you know, though, that you can collect all those leaves and they can help your garden next year as compost?

Leaf Compost

Leaves are one of the better choices for compost creation that can be mixed with our compost selection come spring! Some of the best leaves to get into your compost pile are Ash, Beech and Maple and we are certain you have those around your property. Try to avoid Oak as it can be too acidic for a vegetable garden. You will want to shred the leaves really well before throwing into a compost bin or pile. Whole leaves take forever to break down and bind together. Shred them with your lawnmower or leaf blower if it has that option.leaf-compost

Why Compost?

Compost should be considered essential for your vegetable garden or for any garden for that matter. Whether you buy one of our variety or make your own, adding it to the topsoil helps with water retention and reintroducing valuable nutrients to the soil. Leaves need to come off your lawn to ensure your lawn stays healthy through the harsh winter and start of spring through summer. You can also use the finished compost as a mulch that will help reduce weed problems, cool the soil temperature and control the soil’s moisture. Composting isn’t difficult, but it does take time and some effort. Adding leaves to the pile not only helps reuse organic material, it keeps the leaves out of our storm drains and the lakes in the area.