Holiday Gifts from a Green Thumb

If you are a green thumb, your shopping list just got a whole lot easier! Make unique and personalized gifts for your loved ones this holiday season. If you’re struggling to think of the perfect gift for someone on your holiday shopping list, a coworker, or a hostess gift, these options are perfect for you!


Succulents have been a very trendy plant this year. Their low maintenance upkeep makes them a great gift to give to anyone, regardless of their gardening skills. You can find these plants in a variety of shapes and sizes at most garden centers. Simply transport them into a planter and this gift is ready to be given. You can use coffee mugs, tea pots, mason jars, ceramic jars, or traditional planters as a home for these plants.

Garden Starter Gift Basket

A garden starter kit is a great gift for a first time home owner, or someone who has shown interest in picking up the hobby. This gift will help them get a head start on a 2018 garden. Tailor your gift basket for the gift recipient’s specific interests or taste buds with flower seeds, vegetable seeds, fruit seeds, or a mix of their favorites. Include a few small gardening tools, a pair of gloves, and a book for gardening basics.

Heirloom Seeds

A package of seeds from your garden is a very special and personalized gift to give to your friends or family. If you collect seeds at the end of the gardening season, pick out a few of your favorites for your gift. You can place these in a clean package and label it with the name of the plant and what year the seeds are from. This is a gift that can keep on giving for years to come.

Kitchen Garden

Don’t let the cold holiday weather keep you from having fresh ingredients in your favorite recipes all winter long! You can make a sleek planter that will be unobtrusive on a kitchen counter. Use a mason jar to grow your favorite herbs, label what’s growing inside, with a tag or a paint pen, add a bow, done! This is an easy gift to bring for your holiday host or hostess!

Garden Markers

Garden markers are simple to make and make gardening so much easier! You can get creative with this gift. Use wooden kitchen spoons, dip each one in a different color of paint, and use a permanent marker or paint pen to label parsley, cilantro, mint, or any plant that is on the list for 2018. You can also use wine corks with a wooden dowel, or popsicle sticks for this gift.


You can never go wrong with treats! If you make homemade jam, salsa, or other canned goods at the end of the year, this is a great personalized gift to give. Your gift recipient will have some fresh, homemade garden goodies to get them through the rest of winter.

Using your gardening skills can make gift giving easy. It also makes gift giving feel a little more special with a personal touch. We love making homemade and personalized gifts for our loved ones during the holiday season. Not a gardener? Check out more gift ideas to give to the green thumb in your life! 

From all of us at Keleny Top Soil, happy holidays!