Indoor Winter Gardens

Now that the holidays are over and visitors have headed home, we have a lot more time on our hands but this wintry weather means we still have no dirt on our hands! If you are as anxious as we are to get your spring gardening started, we have the perfect project for you; an indoor winter garden! You can create your indoor winter garden with just a small shelf, a countertop, or a whole room!

Getting Started

Before starting your indoor winter garden, you’ll need the very basic garden essentials of pots and potting or garden mix soil. When choosing your containers, make sure these will provide sufficient drainage.

Next, think about what kind of plants you’d like to include in your indoor winter garden. You could try a variety of vegetables, fruits, herbs, or even flowers. These can be grown with traditional seeds, or if your 2018 resolution is to produce less waste, you could try to create your garden with food scraps!

A Naturally Lit Location

Your indoor winter garden should be located in an area that will provide the most natural light. If you don’t have any areas with plenty of natural sunlight, you might consider a grow light. A regular light bulb is not a substitute for natural light as these do not provide the correct light wavelengths. Both regular and grow lights may cause damage to your plants if placed too closely. Make sure to read product specific information before use.

Things to Keep in Mind

Midwest winters can be cold and dry. Keep this in mind as your care for your indoor garden. Plants will do best in warmer temperatures with a little humidity. If plants are looking discolored or withered, use a spray bottle to mist the leaves or use a humidifier. In addition to adding freshly grown produce to your meals, your plants may also provide cleaner air during the stuffy winter season.

A few fresh plants on the kitchen window sill will make your home feel more like spring in no time! So instead of twiddling your green thumbs all winter long waiting for the snow to stop falling, use this post-holiday down time to get started with your very own indoor winter garden.

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