Love Your Garden, It Will Love Back!

GardeningFinally, it’s starting to warm up! The birds are chirping and soon the bees will be buzzing as spring takes hold. The kids are rushing for the yard and asking for some air in their bike tires. After a long winter it almost feels like you’re being reborn along with all the flowers and plants. With all the projects you have lined up for warm weather don’t forget to prepare your garden!

Setting aside the time to get your garden ready for growing season will set you up for an abundant harvest.

Order summer-flowering bulbs and seeds – Bulbs like Lilies, Gladiolus, and Ranunculus can be planted in early spring for a colorful summer display.

Clear flower beds and borders – Clean up and remove leaves and other debris from your flower borders, and lawn.

Hunt down garden pests – Hibernating pests like slugs, snails and aphid colonies could be lurking in the soil of your perennial plants.

Install some rain barrels – Having a reserve of rainwater is great for watering plants such as Camellias, Rhododendrons, and blueberries.

Lay down some topsoil – Choosing topsoil is one of the most important parts of gardening. You may need topsoil for filling ruts in your yard, planting a new garden or raised bed, or raising the level of the soil around your foundation.

Keleny can help you determine what, and how much topsoil you need.