Prepare a Groundbreaking Garden

soilGarden fever has hit, the shovels are out, the ground is breaking under the tines of the tiller, and soil is flying. Gardening season is one of the most beautiful and exciting times of the year, but how do you plant a garden that gives you bountiful harvest?

One of the biggest mistakes is using thin soil. Before you plant anything, you have to properly loosen the soil and add organic material! Yep, adding some rich compost or Garden Mix topsoil will result in a beautiful and delicious harvest. Taking the time to prepare will pay off huge!


Once you’ve worked up the soil and added your organic material it’s important to dig deep. Most plants are good with 6 to 8 inches of good ground for their roots to grow in. If you’re planting carrots or potatoes you’ll want to go a bit deeper, around a foot. You can also mound up soil, it’s called “hilling”. Again make sure you add lots of compost or Keleny’s Garden Mix.

Even yards that have acidic, or sandy soil can be brought to life with a healthy dose of topsoil. You will have to replenish it every season, possibly more often. If your soil is stubborn you might install some raised beds and fill them with Keleny’s Garden Mix, a highly nutritious soil mix. If you take the simple steps to prepare, everyone who comes over will be pleasantly surprised by your luscious garden.