Your Garden in Winter

GardeningFall is rolling in and the garden harvest is coming to an end. The work doesn’t stop even though the vegetables have. Properly preparing your garden for the winter can make for an easier rebirth in the spring. Start by clearing out all the dead stems and foliage to prevent the possibility of disease from sticking around through the winter.

Dead Plants and Weeds

The dead plants and weeds that you clean out from your garden will become valuable additions to a compost mix if you have one. At Keleny we know all about compost and have various mixes in stock to help you enrich your yard for the coming winter months. If you’re unsure which kind will work best you can always call with questions. Before you go ripping everything out of the garden don’t forget about the cold weather crops.

Planting for Winter

Potatoes and carrots can be dug now and preserved with a mound of straw and dirt above them. You might even have time left to put some plants in for next year. Spinach is planted four to six weeks before frost and then covered with straw for a late winter or early spring harvest. Whether or not you’re done planting, you’ll want to spread a nice layer of compost over your garden and lightly till it in. This will ensure a nutrient rich bed for your vegetables in the spring.

Garden Mix for Cover

We recommend our garden mix for cover. It starts with our high quality top soil with compost and sand added in to make a highly nutritious soil mix. It will drain well and provide necessary nutrients. As hard as it may be right now to dream of the returning warm weather you and your garden will be able to rest well with Keleny Top Soil as cover.