Landscaping Plans for “Your Castle”

landscaping-gardeningThere is a lot of “buzz” around the show, The Crown and, if you have ever watched you may have seen the countless gardens and landscaping luxuries surrounding the castles of the British royals. The landscaping around their homes can be quite extravagant. But you don’t need a castle to have that kind of landscaping. Here are 5 ways for changing the landscaping of your home that will have guests wanting to spend time outdoors at your “castle” rather than indoors this summer.


Flowers Set the Landscaping Motif

You already know how flowers make you feel when you have them around. They will make your home feel more welcoming whether indoors or outdoors, so consider an abundance of flowers in your pathway to your front door or by the front fence, if you have one.

If you have a small space between the house and sidewalk, and not a lot of lawn, consider turning the entire lawn into a perennial garden. Flowers in small spaces can actually give the illusion of a larger space with all the colors and varieties. You can do the same thing with a long driveway: line it with a variety of flowers.

Landscaped Islands in the Yard

While whoever mows the lawn might not like this tip, creating an “island” of flowers in the middle of the lawn is a simple landscaping trick that changes the entire feel of your home’s exterior. You’ll want to choose your flowers and shrubs carefully here as you don’t want to block too much of your view but you might want to create intrigue of what’s behind the island with some taller shrubs in back.

Landscaping a “Backyard Escape

Traditional decks are great, but consider creating an escape for yourself farther from the house in your backyard if you have the room. Using stones, you can create a walkway to a luxurious hide-a-way complete with a pergola, a brick or stone floor, maybe a fireplace, couches or chairs, etc. Create raised boxes for extra “hiding” and to plant beautiful flowers! Outdoor living spaces are the “IN THING” right now!

Stone Gardens for Different Landscaping

We are seeing more people turn to stone for stone gardens. Different than your outdoor living space, stone gardens can be a place for Zen as you meander through raised beds of crushed stone while making your way around the garden on stones of many colors.

We can help you with the stone you might need!

Mulch is Landscaping’s Best Friend

When creating the island garden or beds around the home or walkways, you’ll want to add mulch to the mix. Mulch will help your garden grow as it fertilizes the garden as it breaks down and it helps prevent weeds. We know mulch as much as we know soil and can help you choose the kind you’ll need for your landscaping as well as how much.

It’s time to get out and make your home look great again! Maybe it’s also time for a change to your landscaping. There’s nothing wrong with extravagance. After all, you are the king or queen of your own castle!