3 P’s for A Successful Garden

Garden_tipsYour tools are prepped, your garden plan is created, and you’re ready to start planting your garden! Keep these tips in mind to create a successful garden this year.


Before you put your garden plan into action, prepare! Make sure you have all of the tools and materials you need to plant. Provide the most nutrients to your plants with fresh soil. Keleny garden mix soil comes in two varieties for you to choose from. Our Keleny Blend is made with high quality top soil with compost and sand to provide a great option for flower and vegetable gardens with good drainage. Our Purple Cow Blend is sure to get your garden growing to its full potential with a mix of high quality top soil and Purple Cow Classic Compost.


Choose plants that will flourish in the garden space and amount of available sunlight you have. For seeds, follow the seed packet information provided to ensure you have adequate spacing between plants and the correct placement for soil depth. For starter plants or flowers, push the plant out of the starter container from the bottom rather than pulling by the stems. This will ensure your plant, along with the roots, will stay intact during the transferring process. Use a gardening tool or your hands to gently pull apart some of the root area to ensure the root system will expand and grow into the soil.Garden_tips


As you plant, keep in mind plant spacing. Proper plant spacing is important for plant growth to make sure there is not overcrowding. It is also important to keep in mind how frequently your garden will need care. If you are growing a vegetable garden, it may be helpful to plant in rows. This will allow easy access to the plants to harvest fruits and vegetables and will also be more convenient if you need to remove weeds throughout your garden. Protect your garden from animals with small fencing options. This will prevent mishaps caused by pets running through your garden area, and deter wildlife from mistaking your garden for a free dinner buffet. You work hard to keep your garden thriving all summer long, so it’s important to take measures to protect it from avoidable damages.

Garden_tipsWhen you’re ready to plant, call Keleny Top Soil to order your garden mix soil! We wish you a fruitful season of gardening!