The Summer and Your Landscaping

watering_lawnThere’s not much that can be done about the heat we are experiencing now…just like there’s nothing that can be done with the extreme cold in January and February. But, there are some things you can do for your landscaping and yard that can help protect it from the brutal heat and dry spells we experience.

Protecting Your Trees

Maples can see a lot of stress during the summer for lack of rain and extreme heat. We are OK this summer in terms of water, but older maples are going to experience problems each year regardless. You should be watering your landscape trees, not just maples, just like you would your plants and flowers. Best advice, place your hose at the base of the tree and run the water at a slow pace for about 15 minutes. It’s already too late to fertilize, so don’t worry about that. Mulch around them helps and you can still add that, though!

Mulch_TreesWhat About Your Lawn?

Your lush lawn is probably turning brown. The grass is going dormant. It’s not dead. Grass in our area is mainly cool season grasses. Our advice: let the grass go dormant. It’s natural for this to happen. But, if you want to try and keep the grass green, go ahead and water but be sure to do it in the morning. Dry_LawnWatering at night increases the potential for disease to come in and destroy the grass. Also, do not apply nitrogen now. It’s too late.  Fertilizing when water is scarce can burn grass. And don’t mow the lawn too short. Tall grass helps increase drought tolerance.

TLC for Your Plants and Flowers

Here is where watering is crucial for your landscape Dry_Plantsplants and flowers. A one-gallon plant needs one gallon of water every three or four days. Even if there’s rain, by the way. Your vegetable gardens can’t get enough water. Don’t forget about them…and get someone to water during your vacation!

Lastly, if you haven’t gotten mulch for the flower beds or around the trees, do so now! Here is how you can conserve water and help your landscape survive. Give us a call today!