End-of-Season Soil Improvement

soil_Madison_WIYou might be wondering why anyone would want to order top soil or compost at the end of the season, as we are starting to see the fruits of our labor in the garden. Well, August is actually the best time to order some top soil or compost for several areas around your yard and garden.

Compost and Add New Top Soil the Garden

You can get ready for next season right after you have cleared your garden. After removing the vegetables or fruits, loosen the soil and add new top soil if needed, then take the compost you have ordered from Keleny Top Soil and mix in 3’’ to 4’’. Keleny Top Soil also has garden mix with compost and top soil already mixed together.  Why does this help now? The soil is still warm and all the nutrients in the compost will stimulate the soil through the winter keeping it healthy and ready for the next gardening season. This goes for your flower gardens as well, especially if you are planting bulbs or have perennials. You’ll want to add 2’’ to 3’’ of compost around existing plants or add compost to the hole when you’re planting new plants or bulbs.Gardening

Yellow or Bare Spots on the Lawn

Are you tired of the yellow or bare spots that crop up every year in your lawn? Or have you had a tree removed and need to fill in the hole? You can order shredded top soil from us and spread it out over the areas to create a good base. Buy some grass or patching product and then cover the area with straw that Keleny Top Soil can also provide you. As it gets cooler, re-patching the lawn becomes essential to be ready for the next season and now is the best time to plant grass seed.

Storm Damage

We have had some crazy storms this summer and have seen landscaping damage in many homes in the area. A lot of topsoil has been washed away because of the strong rain and some flooding. You may have seen some top soil wash away from around the foundation of your home. It’s time to call Keleny and get some shredded soil to grade the water away from your home.

We are here and waiting to help you end the season properly! Let’s get you prepared for the winter and ready for next spring!