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Using Sand and Stone for Landscaping

There’s a great trend out there in landscaping that uses sand and stone to highlight the “normal” landscaping around homes. It’s not that new, especially if you’ve seen homes in the southwestern part of the county where watering isn’t that easy and is sometimes frowned upon. A lot of people are interested in incorporating sand… Read more »

Landscaping Plans for “Your Castle”

There is a lot of “buzz” around the show, The Crown and, if you have ever watched you may have seen the countless gardens and landscaping luxuries surrounding the castles of the British royals. The landscaping around their homes can be quite extravagant. But you don’t need a castle to have that kind of landscaping…. Read more »

Cool Weather Prep: Home and Garden

With only a few weeks left before the fall weather begins to kick in, it’s important to begin prep now to ease the work load for fall and to ensure a healthy home and garden for next spring! Check out the helpful tips below to get you started on that important to-do list.

Top-5 Summer Gardening Tips

Bolting Plants. It’s important to take care of budding plants, especially in the heat of the summer. When it comes to preventing budding, it’s best to thoroughly mulch and water twice weekly. This occurrence happens most often with container plants but it can be beneficial to any healthy plant growth. Work Smarter, Not Harder! Warm… Read more »

Making Your Landscaping Standout

Whether you are changing the current landscaping at your home or landscaping around a new home, there are a few things you can do in the planning then buying stages to ensure you landscaping ends up being the best in the neighborhood. Here are five tips to start your summer landscaping.

The Summer and Your Landscaping

There’s not much that can be done about the heat we are experiencing now…just like there’s nothing that can be done with the extreme cold in January and February. But, there are some things you can do for your landscaping and yard that can help protect it from the brutal heat and dry spells we… Read more »

It may be time to put a dress on your lawn.

A healthy lawn requires a rich soil base. This can easily be achieved when a lawn is first planted or reseeded but an already established yard requires different care. That’s where the technique of “top-dressing” comes in. It’s the addition of a thin layer of soil over the lawn. This method can improve soil without… Read more »