Lawn Care in Fall

Sure, it’s getting cooler at night and stays through the morning. And people are ordering their pumpkin spice lattes and wrapping themselves in blankets, thinking of the colder weather and snow approaching. But, we still have time before the first snow and frost and your lawn shouldn’t be ignored as the leaves fall. We still have some warm days ahead giving you the chance to get it ready for next spring!

aerate-soilAerate Your Lawn

In the last blog, we did mention that now would be a good time to get fresh topsoil and compost and get the yard ready for the cold. You should also take time to aerate the soil before you fertilize it so those nutrients, water and oxygen can get deep into the soil and hit the roots.

lawn-leavesJust Keep Mowing the Lawn

We have had a lot of rain lately which is great news for lawns. It also means we need to keep mowing but it also means you need to lower the blade, at least for the last two cuts of the year. You need what little sunlight we have left to reach what’s called the crown of the grass. You should also be sure to rake the leaves and not mulch them with mower. You can use a lawnmower with a bag to collect the leaves, but leaving even tiny pieces of leaf as it gets soggier outside will cause grass suffocation and could spark fungal diseases.

fall-weed-controlControl the Lawn Weeds

Weeds are loving it right now. They are absorbing a lot of energy right now before they disappear and spend the winter below ground. They are sucking up everything they can get…including herbicide. You need to do this now, though, as most herbicides don’t work if temperatures fall below 60 degrees.