5 Step Spring Cleaning for Gardeners


Cabin fever is setting in and we are ready to get back to the dirt! While it is still too cold to crack the dirt on the 2018 gardening season, it’s not too early to get started on spring cleaning! Use these 5 easy steps to get your shed ready for this year’s garden!

1. Clear

Start your cleaning by pulling out all of your gardening items from your shed. Check to see what you have, what you need, and what needs to be cleaned. Tools, pots, and seeds get damaged from year to year so spring is a great time to see what you have for the upcoming gardening season.

2. Sweep

With everything removed from your garden shed, you can start your spring cleaning. Sweep the floors to get rid of all of the cobwebs, dirt, and spilled seeds. Wipe down any shelves you have for storage and tools. Now you’re ready for a fresh, clean start to the new season.

3. Sort

Use the three pile method to sort through your garden shed; keep, toss, donate. Keep your items if you use them. Toss any items that have been damaged. Donate your items if they are in good condition but unused. 

4. Clean

Go through your keep pile and see what needs a little TLC. Clean out dried, unhealthy soil from pots. Scrub down dirty gardening tools with soap, water, and a wire brush. Disinfect any tools that have been exposed to plant fungus. You can do this by soaking tools for 30 minutes in bleach water (9 parts water, 1 part bleach). After soaking tools, make sure to dry them to avoid rust.

5. Organize

Time to get everything back in order! Organize seeds, twine, gloves, towels, and small tools in baskets on shelves. Stack cleaned pots on shelves or on the floor. Utilize tool hangers and hooks for large equipment and hose storage.


The final touch for your garden preparation? Soil! Use our top soil calculator to determine how much soil you’ll need for your garden and other outdoor projects. When you’re ready to place your soil order, call Keleny Top Soil at (608) 833-4835!