Are you FALLING for these Fall Landscaping Mistakes?

Now that the weather is cooling down you might be thinking that your gardening and landscaping tasks are done for the season. But, that isn’t the case! There are still certain tasks that need to be taken care of before you can pack up your gardening tools for the season.

Raking Leaves.

As pretty as they might be, falling leaves can be a big pain point for homeowners in the fall. Leaving your leaves unattended can lead to disastrous things for your lawn like snow, mold, and lawn fungal infection causing ugly dead areas in the spring. So, to avoid your lawn looking less than impressive in the spring, make sure you gather up your leaves and dispose of them properly according to your city ordinances.

No time like the present for bulbs.

Don’t wait until the snow to thaw to get your bulbs in the ground. Get a jump on your gardening this October so your spring flowers will be in bloom at just the right time!

Feed your lawn.

As surprising as it may be, cooler temperatures are very conducive to root growth making it very important that you fertilize your lawn this fall. Giving your lawn this extra boost will help make it look better than ever once the snow thaws!

Use high-quality mulch.

As the weather gets colder your plants could suffer if they aren’t protected. Make sure you have proper coverage for your shrubs, trees, and plants with any of Keleny’s quality mulch options.

Properly storing your tools.

We know that as the season goes on it can be difficult to find the motivation to properly store all of your gardening tools and mower. But, it’s best to take care of it sooner rather than later before it gets too cold to even be outside!

Trust Keleny.

Fall is such an exciting time with holidays and family time right around the corner. Make sure you take care of all of your landscaping chores before the snow comes so you can enjoy the perks of winter instead of worrying about what the weather is doing to your lawn! For more tips on landscaping or to talk through your options for mulch, gravel, or quality top soil, contact our team at Keleny Top Soil!