Get Your Garden Plans Ready for Spring!

Find Your Garden Space

If you are a first time gardener, the first step in your gardening process will be deciding where your garden will go. You’ll want to keep a few things in mind as you choose this space. Sunlight; choose an area that has plenty of sunshine to keep your crops happy and healthy. Water; make sure this is a space that is easily accessible with a garden hose to keep your plants hydrated throughout the summer. Traffic; choose a space that won’t be in the way of you getting around your yard. Also keep pets in mind, you don’t want them running through your garden and crushing the plants you worked so hard on.

Prepare Your Soil

Make sure that your garden is set up for success starting at the foundation (soil!). Provide your garden with rich nutrients to provide an ideal environment for growth. Our Garden Mix soils are a blend of our high quality top soil and compost. One of our mixes also has sand blended in it. These mixes are perfect for traditional gardens as well as raised garden beds. Determine how big your garden will be and how much soil you will need with our top soil calculator, and call to place your order! We deliver as little as one cubic yard.

Choose Your Crops

This is the fun part! Decide what plants, flowers, fruits, or vegetables you want to grow in your garden. Create a pollinator garden full of colorful flowers and butterflies, or a vegetable garden for fresh produce all summer long. Keep in mind the amount of sunlight that is available in your garden space as you choose plants to add to your space. Choose plants that will thrive in these conditions to reach the full potential of your garden.

While you’re waiting for the last of the snow to melt, check out how to make sure your garden tools are ready for spring! And when you’ve finalized your garden plans, call Keleny Top Soil to place your garden soil order! (608) 833-4835