Planning Your Landscaping

landscaping Yard

Now that we are settling indoors for that long winter nap, it’s time to take a hard look at your landscaping needs for the next outdoor season. If you start to build a plan now on changes you want to see with the landscaping in your outdoor spaces, you’ll be way ahead come April. Here are a few things to consider for your landscaping needs.

Your Home and Landscaping Clash

Has it ever looked like your house and landscaping clash like white socks with black shoes? It is probably because your landscaping now doesn’t work with your home. The yard accents the home.

Style and colors should work together.

Trees shouldn’t be concealing the home but frame it.

Flowers, plants and shrubs are always pointing people towards the house. You should also try to create different levels of flowers; meaning, different level boxes if you have to walk up to the home or using different borders.

Colorful Flowers Should Be Placed Together

Since we are now matching colors, make sure to cluster same plant varieties and like colors. This helps the landscaping look uniform. You’ll also want to make sure other, nearby plants that could bloom at the same time, compliment the color clusters. Think of this like decorating a room; matching makes it great!

Landscape a Path

If your yard is big enough, consider creating a path through a garden. You can use mulch or sand once you’ve created the path, clearing out the grass. You’ll want to make sure it’s three feet wide so people can walk together.

Another consideration could be creating a “meditation garden” in the middle of your yard. Create a path to it, build the garden, add a few benches, and you’re set for an outdoor space that is inviting and calming

From soil and compost to mulch to sand and stone, we are here to help you landscape your outdoor space the way it should be.

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