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Test Your Soil and Get Growing

First, and foremost, the soil in your vegetable garden MATTERS! Testing your soil can make the difference between a great vegetable harvest from your garden or another dud this summer. Now, if you buy your soil from us, you’re already getting soil tested for all the right nutrients needed. You may be mixing soils, though…. Read more »

Prepare a Groundbreaking Garden

Garden fever has hit, the shovels are out, the ground is breaking under the tines of the tiller, and soil is flying. Gardening season is one of the most beautiful and exciting times of the year, but how do you plant a garden that gives you bountiful harvest? One of the biggest mistakes is using… Read more »

Raised Beds

Maybe you’ve seen someone working hard to put in a beautiful raised garden bed. Raised beds are a great way to make fruits, veggies and herbs thrive even where there is poor soil, no soil or in an urban setting. Raised beds have good drainage and can easily be hooked up to a drip irrigation… Read more »